New Zealand

New Zealand

This trip was filled with adventure all on the right side of the road/driver seat. Not only are those reverse but the turn signal and wipers are reversed too. I visited Auckland, Wangarei, Manukau City, Linwood and Ricarton. I remember the feeling of this trip because Drake’s More Life album came out and I was playing it all through the drive.


Went to the Christchurch Gondola to take a good view of the islands.

Stopped by Black Betty Cafe for some coffee.

And food

The first day of the job I got blessed by a manager, it was pretty cool. He blessed me for a successful trip and welcomed me to NZ. The indigenous people of New Zealand are Maori. You can learn more about the culture Here.

People here were pretty nice. They like to call themselves "Kiwis". NZ was recently effected by an earthquake so a lot of civil engineers came over. To live in NZ you need a specific Visa for your type of work.

Later, I got to Whangarei by plane. The local airport here had no security and were similar to how Buses operate. It was actually really cool. I distinctively remember meeting a music producer and talking with him. There was a hiking trail for the Whangarei falls nearby so I decided to check that out.

Sadly this was all the pictures I could find that I took, writing this post in 2019, it's difficult to remember everything from this trip, especially since there was a lot of action and movement here. No one regrets taking too many pictures

I learned later that bungee jumping was actually made or first done in Queensland. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to check it out but if you are going to bungee jump for the first time, it might as well be in Queensland. More info Here.

My favorite stays were Metropolitan Motel in Christchurch. Great location, near a mall and within walking distance of bars, food and cafes.

For Auckland, I stayed in the Posonby Manor. This was a pretty cute bed and breakfast with a pretty cool host and one amazing patio. I like this one especially because it was in the heart of the city, everything was walkable and it had its own parking lot.

In Whangarei, I stayed at Kereru Cottage. This was a guesthouse airbnb but it was extremely cozy and relaxing.