Anh Truong


I have tried and tested a few gadgets and clothing that I absolutely need to have with me while traveling. This is my gear, this is my equipment, this is what I upgraded to +10 and to have the perfect stats

My Motto is buy nice or buy twice. I have found that aiming for quality and buying things that would last me a lifetime is a more frugal strategy over the long term and better for the environment/less waste.

  • Bags
  • Cote & Ciel Isar
  • Amazing backpack with style and utility. Perfectly stores my laptop, anti theft compartment for important things. Secret compartment on the side. Front is a duffel that fits a whole bunch of things. Waterproof. This backpack is what I consider to be life-lasting

  • Hook and Albert Weekender
  • The perfect carry-on bag. Because it is more compact than rollies, you will never get stopped to ask to have this checked in. It also survives the check in as well. Fits quite a bit and collapses for storage. It has a pretty well working hangar compartment for pants/shirts. Shoes compartments on the sides too. I love this bag

    Hook and Albert on Amazon