Anh Truong


I have tried and tested a few gadgets and clothing that I absolutely need to have with me while traveling. This is my gear, this is my equipment, this is what I upgraded to +10 and to have the perfect stats

My Motto is buy nice or buy twice. I have found that aiming for quality and buying things that would last me a lifetime is a more frugal strategy over the long term and better for the environment/less waste.

  • Travel Pillow
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow
  • I realized after several trips, this is the most important thing I have. I was able to fully sleep on a Denver to Washington DC flight, even with crappy bare-basics Frontier seats. I had neck issues with sleeping on planes before and because of how painful and tired I was after flight, I got this pillow. This pillow is great, has straps to attach to the back of the airplane headrest but it is not needed all the time (as the Frontier flight proved). Super compact, can roll up and fit inside a pouch that can attach to anything on your backpack. Personally, I am repulsed when I see people attach the pillow to their backpack or carry-on while dragging it all over the airport (and then take it to the bathroom..), which we know is not the cleaniest place.. A lot of my friends have tried it out, its comfty and approved.

    • Bags
    • Cote & Ciel Isar
    • Amazing backpack with style and utility. Perfectly stores my laptop, anti theft compartment for important things. Secret compartment on the side. Front is a duffel that fits a whole bunch of things. Waterproof. This backpack is what I consider to be life-lasting

    • Hook and Albert Weekender
    • The perfect carry-on bag. Because it is more compact than rollies, you will never get stopped to ask to have this checked in. It also survives the check in as well. Fits quite a bit and collapses for storage. It has a pretty well working hangar compartment for pants/shirts. Shoes compartments on the sides too. I love this bag

      Hook and Albert on Amazon

    • Shoes
    • Wolf and Shepherd
    • I really like the Sienna Wingtips and the Onyx Breakaway boots. These actually feel like sneakers and the quality is very high.

    • Adidas Ultraboosts
    • I used to be a sneakerhead and have a pretty solid collection but it all ended once I tried on the Ultraboosts. There's really no sneaker as comfortable as these.

      Not a fan of the new 19s, I rock the 3.0 and 4.0's in Triple Black.

      Ultraboosts on Amazon

    • Sunglasses
    • Roav Virgil
    • These are sturdy and super compact. Able to keep them in my pocket. I used to use the Ray Bans forever but these compactness just beat it. The nosemarks don't appear because these are so light.

    • Electronics
    • Google Pixel 2 XL
    • Google Pixel Buds
    • Bang & Olufsen H8i
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Apple Macbook 2017
    • myCharge HubMax Portable Charger 10050mAh