Sacramento, California USA

Sacramento, CA

I didn’t actively realize this is the capital of California, said by many that this is way overshadowed by LA, San Diego, etc. But let’s not discredit this amazing city. I usually don’t post about my national travels (and I haven’t posted things in awhile, whoops) but this is an exception because my adventures here were pretty cool. Great shops, resturaunts and the weather was perfect. I was working for the majority of my stay so I only had a day to venture around. Tons of Uber bikes and scooters for transportation here.


Just strolling around the city (day or night) was cool. Day time wandering about the city was a much better experience IMHO with the sun out, it was refreshing.

Rose Gardens near Vietnam memorial park

Listened to a few albums here on that bench

Old Town Sacramento

There were a ton of breweries here

Lots of food options here in Sacramento, this was my favorite. Aioli Boedga Espanola

There's also a great amount of beautiful street art here, in architect and spray art form

The most remarkable part of this trip was me rediscovering music through vinyl. By my ears, it does sound better and provides an active more wholesome experience to listen to music. Plus it was great way to show my dad the songs he showed me when I was a kid (songs linked to the soundtrack here)

Books Novelty Antiques (record store) Big shout out to the man, Tony here. real cool dude. Half off records on Tues and Thurs.

I stayed here at the Sterling Hotel. Highly recommend this one due to the proximity (walk-away to downtown Sacramento, tons of breweries/resturaunts in walking distance) and it was just a nice place to stay.

Sterling Hotel