Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Getting to go here was awesome. All my colleagues were pretty scared but I thought this was a fantastic opportunity. During the time it was pretty heated with US and Russian relationsips and I first got my Pixel 2 XL here.


In Moscow, everything it lit up at night

Very beautiful city, I really like the way they do the lights here. The usage of Neon colors but not too much in-your-face

Onwards to the Red Square

I really like the detail here, all the tops have different designs

Later that weekend, I went to the 10th Annual After Halloween party. This year it was hosted in the Stand-Art Hotel in Moscow. This 10 story hotel was turned into a nightly covenant of sorcery and cyperpunk by Models and Designers. The theme was Cyberpunk and the Shining, every room was an exhibit and some were just dance floors. It was rad. I would describe it as The Shining meets BladeRunner. Also Dia de Muertos was happening so there was a mix of that too. I will let the pictures pretty much tell the story. I really wish I took more pictures.


Went as a cat, got facepainted there too

dont worry thats fake money

Yeah.. that was one of the best parties I have ever been to. Forever jaded now because the bar is too high.. I definitely would go back to Russia to experience this again.

Russian food is mostly Gregorian but it was amazing (and the vodka really is awesome). The stew is great to weather through the cold. and yea it was pretty cold, I think it got to single digit degrees and I had to wear double long johns.

Ate at Cafe Pushkin. Which has a fantastic website. Super cute late night resturaunt, amazing aesthetics and fournishing. Looking at the website, I guess it was more lavish than I remember.

This was a very sexy chicken

Even the toilet is decorated

Holding hands chair

Another time, ate at the famous White Rabbit resturaunt. This is a world top 15 class resturaunt.

Stunning view of Moscow

Here's a good video of the foods

Later that night went to ICON club in Moscow

Elecktra Brown was live singing, supposedly pretty good but it was in Russian

Welp this experience blew me away, the gogo dancers actually danced, the costumes were intricate, lighting was spot on the music was great. They had 3 different music rooms going on and they were acoustically sound. Really quick bar service too.


Yea Russia is pretty fun. Definitely jaded me for a lot of night life but it was really interesting to see what else is out there and where inspires where..

I stayed at Peter 1. Gorgeous hotel, walk away to the red square and pretty accessible anywhere.