is regarded as the richest area per square mile in Asia and I would have to agree. The population is not that large for such a small island and the business school is here world class reverred. The streets were super clean too, to attest to that it is illegal to have gum in Singapore. Heavy taxes for cigarettes and alcohol. The bars were all contained in one area called Clarke Quay. As the case, this was the first place I visited after getting off a lengthy 20hr flight.


Pretty cool architecture here in Singapore. A lot of buildings are modern and the city is just so so clean

Next day I went around the malls to check out the food. The food here is GREAT. It's a good mix of all asian foods from around the area so they have pretty much any asian dish you can hope for.

Later went for some conveyor belt sushi

no ragrets

I checked out the Aquarium in Singapore at Sentosa. It was a pretty darn good aquarium. Connected to the Aquarium is a theme park, tons of resturaunts, a casino.

Neat tunnel

Was not brave enough to try

Sneak quick pic in the Sentosa casino

They told me I couldn't take pictures in there haha. But the casino was pretty well decorated, as expected

Sentosa Lion of Singapore

Some glass work display with curved arching marble

Some other day later, got some 'volcano' udon soup

The highlight of this whole trip was seeing Justice, one of the best DJ sets and DJs I have ever seen. It’s a rarity to see them play. They mixed all the genres, played old school tracks, busted out hip hop and totally got everyone moving. It was worth it even with drinks excised taxed for a total of $14 a beer. I had an insane close view to these legends and it was a great time. Made some friends (that invited me to the spot) that were transfer students by buying them drinks. I saw Justice at Zouk

View of the rooftop pool

I stayed at the Oasia Hotel Novena. This was one of the best hotels ever, it was super clean and had a comfty bed. Within walking distance of a shopping mall. Primarily for delicious asian food. I would highly recommend this hotel as the price was competitive with what was the average in Singapore (I think..) and the location/service/room quality was great.