Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy

On another trip to Milan, had another free weekend to enjoy and a co-worker of mine suggested to check out Lake Como. I decided to book a day tour and check it out. It was well worth it

Upon arriving at an island and a few moments before the boat for the tour arrived, I got to see the Cathedral of Como.

Alessandro Volta Statue

Docks at Como

Love how the houses live on the mountain bases on the islands

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

We later docked to one of the main islands in Lake Como and were given time to dine/shop/take pictures

Grand selfie

Anotha one

Dante and Beatrice

Lake Como was breahtaking and the air was the freshest since it was on a huge lake. George Clooney owns a house somewhere along Lake Como, we passed by but I didn't really feel like taking pics of it. I highly recommend stopping by on a day tour if you have a chance