United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Visiting UK for the first international trip. Never been to the UK before so everything was pretty awesome and fresh. Went through a good amount of the UK: London, Plymouth, Liverpool, Wallasey. I got to visit some Museums, go to the legendary Ministry of Sound, see Evil Needle and Jarreau Vandal. I have been big fans of these guys so it was serendipity.


I got in after my flight at around 7pm, hopped on the train with everything and made my way to my hostel (I wanted to experience the hostel life lol). Got taxi'd to where the street ended and had to figure my way out from here, walked down some spoopy (but pretty) forest paths.

Visited the design museum in London, this was close to where I stayed.

This was neat, it would flip to Creator (think of shades)

Hurt or Heal?

After London, went to the Port City of Plymouth.

Had some fresh fish

Then went to Liverpool via Eurorail through Grand Central

Went back to London, visited Camden Locke at night to see Jarreau Vandal and Evil Needle.

I don't have any good pictures here because it was dark, I was drunk, but I had a lot of fun!

The middle-eastern food was great here

Visited the Science Museum

Fire & Tuba

Visited Harrod's

Met some ladies

Went to the Ministry of Sound for the Do Not Sleep.

Co-worker back at home recommended to check out the Winston Churchill War Rooms. These underground rooms were where operations were held while Germany was bombing London.

Ahead on our way

Meeting room

I didn't take too many pictures but it was a great tour experience. Theres a machine that you just put to your ear when you find an exhibit and it narrates/guides for you. Learned quite a bit about Winston Churchill, (he painted) and he is amongst a great hero figure of mine. I think what the tour really well is that I experience almost how it was day to day.

Checked out this pretty cool tavern/pub The Red Lion

Tried the meat cake

Checked out the National Gallery of Art

Perseus married Andromeda in spite of Phineus, to whom she had before been promised. At the wedding a quarrel took place between the rivals, and Phineus was turned to stone by the sight of Medusa's head that Perseus had kept.

The Virgin Mary

Went to the Victoria and Albert Museum

Really dig the gold frame works here

Tasteful ceiling

Checked out the Natural History Museum

Escalator into space

The dinosaur exhibit was pretty cool, really loved dinosaurs growing up

Experiencing some beautiful sunsets

Albert Memorial

Crashed a Spanish international student's party, made some friends

I wish I had the energy to visit Camden Locke on the weekend during the day because it's super fun there.

My favorite stay here was Harrod's Room. The price was right, bed was comfty, room was clean and the host was awesome. The location is perfect too, its a walk away from Harrods so its on the main road of action on Brompton Road.