Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I only got to spend a weekend here and there was so much to do and see. The architecture and style is like no where else. I would say it takes the most beautiful parts of Belgium and puts it on every street. It is a very colorful city with tons of diversity. Great resturaunts, bars, bike and boat friendly. Beautiful canal seperation. Every street was bursting with Victorian masterpiece art (which i am crazy for). Very friendly people.


Amsterdam - Centraal

Amsterdam at night

Canals at night

The streets were narrow and the buildings were high to block out the windchill and ocean breeze.

Westerkerk church

I ate dinner at La Oliva (twice). Best Spanish wine and tapas I've ever had. This was recommended by my great Airbnb host and was a quick walk away.

Left is Roasted Duck and Right is hamburger style beef

You can see the uniquness of all the buildings

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Magna Plaza - you can see the cables for the cable cars

More La Oliva!

The tapas are like this and you select them and they oven roast it!

I stayed at an AMAZING airbnb, probably the best experience so far. Nikkie was the great host (ideal role model for a true airbnb host in my opinion) and made me feel like a local in Amsterdam with great tips and museum passes and even a bike (unfortunately it was raining). Her airbnb is a min of 4 nights stay but the location is superb and she is an amazing host.

I would highly recommend this as a stay, best for first timers. Link here

I definitely want to visit again and go more in-depth. There are amazing museums here and tons of things to do. I had tickets to see Max Cooper at Shelter but I was too tired and opted to sleep in. Definitely want to check out the techno scene here