Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Hey folks, this the first stop of a long journey. It was pretty great to escape the winter weather into the sunny warm lands of Doha. It’s a pretty rich city and you are surrounded by skyscrapers and then old bazaar shops overlooking the Persian Gulf.


Unfortunately I was working too much so I didn't really have a chance to explore the city. Pretty nice cityscapes but what I did get to explore was the main market place Souq Waqif. My main mission was to find some Turkish coffee.

Heres a nice Video of how the Turkish coffee is made. I bought myself a Bronze cup and 3 cans of Turkish Coffee. it seems like you can cook it ontop of a stove. Sand may or may not be needed.

Partial Persian Gulf view at night

Resturaunt 2nd floor view

Bazaar market view

Mixed meat bbq covered by spicy Roti

I found some nice camel bone jewel casebox with great artwork and of course,Turkish coffee

So long and off to Italy and then Belgium!

I stayed at the Intercontinental in Doha. Very nice hotel. It was about $100/night which is pretty darn good rate right in the heart of the city